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Hello Everyone,

So I was going through the Home Fairy Category on my blog, I was particularly interested in the Clutter Manger posts then it occurred to me that the root of the problem of clutter, is junk hoarding. You barely have a clutter with two or three items. When you have a hundred items in a space that can comfortably take only five, then clutter is inevitable.

Clutter basically is too much stuff! Most times, these clutter items are not urgently needed or needed at all. it can be found in something as little as your handbag (ladies take note) to something as large as your garage, basement or Living room!

I have heard people say “Oh, I’m claustrophobic, I don’t like elevators or small cars” or  whatever… Yet, when you enter their rooms, you have to walk like you’re on the moon to get to a chair, which you have to clear to find space to sit. Why? So much clutter.

Funny, this visual also reminded me that in some cases, you’ll probably need a gas mask to breath properly.

After the consideration, I decided to do a post on junk addiction. First, I tried to do an internet research on it, to see if it is a serious psychological condition…and Oh boy! I saw A LOT! Apparently, it is a real problem and many people do not realize this. It is even now considered separate from OCD.

According to Mail Online, “Brains scans confirm that victims of hoarding disorder have abnormal activity in regions of the brain involved in decision-making – particularly in what to do with objects that belong to them”.

Mayo Clinic defined Hoarding as “…the excessive collection of items, along with the inability to discard them. Hoarding often creates such cramped living conditions that homes may be filled to capacity, with only narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter. Some people also collect animals, keeping dozens or hundreds of pets often in unsanitary conditions”.

I am not writing a term paper, so let me not bore you with the technicality of it all. Simple put, Hoarding is BAYD! Cluttered lives and homes may be the reason why some people are so angry all the time. They don’t just ‘get’ your sense of humour because they just emerged from chaos.

Many people don’t even realize they have this problem and this makes solving it difficult. I am not OCD, I do not see myself as one anyway, but I love watching “Clean House”and  “The Amandas” on Style network. I get mental and physical satisfaction from seeing all the clutter sold, donated or simply thrown away. I suggest people who might think or have been told that they are junk junkies to watch such shows. Other shows I love are ‘A-List Listings’, ‘Open House’, ‘How Do I Look’ and ‘Dress My Nest’.

Basically, all I am trying to say is clutter is bad but there are other psychological and emotional reasons for being a junk addict and we will examine them in subsequent parts of this posts.

Please feel free to add something by dropping a comment. We are all learning. 🙂


Comments on: "Clutter Manager: Junk Addict! (Part 1)" (2)

  1. dobbyssignature said:

    Cluttered spaces and hoarding is a huge no no for me. Makes life miserable….luvly post

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